Whatever your lifestyle and your home’s space arrangement, the bedroom offers relaxation, privacy and inner peace. Kitchen Studio is aware of the need for comfort and serenity. That is why it proposes beds from the Italian firm Désirée, one of the world’s experts in the sector.

The contemporary elegant design of Désirée’s beds will provide a harmonious, warm ambience in your bedroom, while ensuring comfortable and healthy sleep. The luxurious looks and the fluidity of shapes, combined with top quality materials and workmanship, produce aesthetically pleasant furniture with no compromise on functionality and durability.

The fabrics are removable for ease of cleaning and resistant to abrasion, light and pilling. The variability of colours offers innumerable customization options. Leather, which is one of the most popular and stylish options, is supplied by experts in the field, guaranteeing a soft touch and a long life.

Functionality is a key factor for Désirée. The sophisticated urban design of the beds provides storage practical solutions with intelligent opening mechanisms. The build quality is ensured by stringent quality controls.

Désirée‘s designers have introduced beautiful headboards and bed structures in the world of furniture design by always daring to go a step ahead. Kitchen Studio Beds

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