It is absolutely certain that 2019 has brought some fresh ideas and trends in home deco and furniture design not only with  the emerging innovative technology becoming even more accessible day by day, but also considering the presentation part and chromatic combinations.
The millennial pink has been a fashion sensation for some years now, distinguishing a whole generation,  refreshing our perspective on how we aesthetically conceive different aspects of our lives.
Known with many other names, like Tumblr Pink and Scandi Pink, it represents more than one colour with a “gamme” of similar shades between salmon, beige and peachy pink.

A great example of the variant Millennial pink applied in modern furniture can be seen on the Malmö Relax from the Pedrali collection. The eccentric armchair is meant exactly for what its name implies, a perfect relaxation and smoothest moments. The wooden structure with a natural linear continuation through the arms, as also the cozy seating with the selected millennial pink fabric investment, makes it a fine addition to your aesthetic home experience.

The Malmö Relax armchair design belongs to Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo on the context of their collaborative project called CMP, which is dedicated in developing innovative products and designs on an open dialogue with all the stakeholders from manufacturing process  to the end user.

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