Miniforms is a furniture manufacturing company with a great reputation that dates as back as the early 1970s, since it was established by the then young craftsman and aspiring entrepreneur, Luigi Bardini at Meolo, a small city in northern Venice.

From the early days and throughout its history, originality has always been at the core ofits designing process and production, experimenting with vibrant colours, raw materials and breakthrough ideas that soon gave the company an influential role on the international scene.

In today’s world, Miniforms goes through its second generation of leadership, passeddown by founder Luigi Bardini to his sons Alessandro, Matteo, and Theo, who havesucceeded in maintaining the company’s dynamic soul and presenting a series ofinnovative, contemporary furniture and home accessories.

In collaboration with the most talented up-and-coming designers, Miniforms products, from chairs and coffee tables to mirrors and lighting, aim to contribute to a cozy and creative living environment, that comes through spontaneousness and a strong aesthetic statement.

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