Emu Outdoor

Emu was founded in Umbria in 1951. During the 1960s EMU realized that it had a natural talent for the manufacturing of outdoor furniture, in which it could make the best use of technology, cultural heritage and local know-how and skill in working with metal.

The history of EMU inevitably merges with the material it represents: Metal. These two elements have much in common: versatility, longevity and sensitivity towards the environment thanks to metal’s total recyclability.EMU’s great experience in metal production is renewed every day with the application of new techniques and ideas without every neglecting how importance it is to findproductive solutions that safeguard the surrounding area, recycling productionwaste and using material with low environmental impact.

EMU does not use any toxic substances during processing. Varnishing is done exclusively with products adhering to SMaRT certified product standards which guarantee that no metal or polluting substances such as TGIC or VOC are present in the varnish. Moreover, by manufacturing its products in Italy, EMU contributes to the development of the local territory and drastically reduces the emission of harmful substances due to the transportation of merchandise.

The impact on the environment regarding transport of EMU products in Europein remarkably lower in comparison with those products imported from Asiathanks to a drastic reduction in Carbon Footprint.The success of Emu products stems from a combination of factors; glamour and functionality, creativity and technology, tradition and innovation.The range of products in the rich and exclusive Advanced and Classic collections embrace different style trends, interpreting classic designs in innovative ways.

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