Kitchen Studio proposes contemporary armchairs of a unique design made by Désirée, one of Italy’s leading furniture manufacturers. Désirée works with internationally acknowledged and awarded designers to produce sofas, armchairs, beds and other complementary items. The company has been operating since 1968 and has been a part of the Euromobil Group since 1995.

An armchair may be the cosy corner in your home, or the elegant, sophisticated masterpiece of art that gives a different look to your place. With innovative, talented and admirable originality, Désirée’s designers impress us with every new model they create. Minimal designs, contemporary looks inspired from classic ones, Désirée’s armchairs suit all tastes and styles.

Excellent workmanship and the use of the most durable and resistant fabrics, they guarantee a long and comfortable use. The armchair’s skeleton structure is made of high strength materials, like steel or aluminium, meticulously finished in satin, brushed, nickel or lacquered finish.

Offering a great sense of value for money, Désirée’s armchairs are functional, stylish and simply lovable.

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