Sofas Kitchen Studio are supplied by Désirée, one of Italy’s leading designers and manufacturers of sofas, armchairs, beds and other complementary items. The company has been operating since 1968 and has been a part of the Euromobil Group since 1995. It works with internationally acknowledged and awarded designers and this is reflected on its collections.

With attention to aesthetics and comfort, Désirée proposes sofas of a unique balance of lines and volumes. Their soft geometry and smooth curves, in combination with the wisely selected quality materials create a real piece of art. The fabrics, leather, canvas, velvets etc, are removable for ease of cleaning and resistant to abrasion, light and pilling, guaranteeing durability and elegance.

Inviting you to relax, Désirée’s sofas can be the most popular furniture in your home. With mechanisms to slide forward and with adjustable backrest inclination, Désirée’s sofas are not only an attractive and charming piece of furniture, but they are absolutely suitable for your cosy home. The extensive use of a sofa is a factor that is not ignored by Désirée. The padding – mainly made of polyurethane – guarantees softness, breathability against heat and humidity and long life.

Désirée is well aware that when it comes to our home, the sensation of wellbeing is not only achieved by vision, but by the stimulation of all our senses. That is how Désirée’s sophistication ensures quality at all levels. Sofas Kitchen Studio.

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