Euromobil, was set up in 1972 at Falzè di Piave (Treviso) by the Lucchetta brothers. With more than 40 years of experience and success, Euromobil, is the key company in the Euromobil Group, one of the largest industrial groups in the challenging furnishing business, which comprises of Euromobil for kitchens, Zalf for living areas, kid’s spaces, modular furniture and offices and Désirée for sofas, armchairs and beds.

For decades, the Gruppo Euromobil has operated in the field of furniture in Italy and worldwide.  Its products and furniture systems are based on values shared with the tradition of ‘Made in Italy’: which is a guarantee of product quality, a continuous investment in technologies and production facilities and openness towards contemporary art.

Euromobil uses state-of-the-art technologies and has 50 thousand square metres of premises, of which 26 thousand are indoors.  Euromobil’s production in recent years reveals an exponential growth in the design of products based on the aesthetics, and on the modularity and ergonomics.

Euromobil quality has been awarded UNI ENl ISO 9001 certification by lCILA (Wood Sector), who tested the high manufacturing standards. The carcases of the kitchens are in V100 water repellent class E1 veneered melamine in full conformity to standards and confirm Euromobil’s commitment to product quality and complete customer satisfaction.

All systems are part of two schemes the Multisystem the Filo Project.  The Filo Project presents its various creative choices, were the big range of possible solutions creates an infinite number of different choices: 113 fronts, 74 structures, 1 groove profile with 9 finishings.

The Multisystem Project offers multiple design solutions, where everything and creates an infinite number of different combinations: 549 fronts, 96 structures, 23 types of handle in 5 sizes with 25 different finishes.

Thanks to different price categories Euromobil kitchens allow the availability of projects to line up with every wished budget.

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