Kate, enriched with new materials that make it precious and refined, was developed to facilitate the door grabbing: the opening without handles allow the maximum clean look and ease of use. And also, the metal profile in the door contributes to increase its durability.

The K105 collection is the result of attention to detail, the research of materials, focus on heterogeneous and international customer needs, passion for design and our way of being Italian. A versatile and functional collection that offers infinite composition freedom to interpret the most modern lifestyles and trends.

Isabel is created to satisfy the need of a groove handle, a profile that creates design and combines practicality and aesthetics, that protects the material and lasts over time. Designed also for an excellent grip of the suspended units, Isabel profile is an opening based on technology and graphics, in perfect synergy with the materials that characterize it.

Helene is the result of the continuous pursuit of innovation and passion we put into our kitchens. A Made in Italy product that offers a new design and furnishes the room with style and a modern flair. The use of streamline and fashionable finishes leads to beautiful modern kitchens without overlooking the functional and practical aspect, necessary for kitchen space.

Tiffany is the authentic Italian product of continuous pursuit of innovation, characterized by a passion for the kitchen area. Tiffany suggests a new design that offers a modern and stylish view. Its core advantage is the flexibility in which it can be applied, as it incorporates different materials, tastes and styles to choose from, in order to create a truly unique and original kitchen design.


With years of experience in the sector of kitchen furnishing, the Italian manufacturer Zecchinon offers a new approach to kitchen design. Withstanding time and fashion, Zecchinon kitchen designs create a feast for your senses.

Zecchinon knows very well how to impress, as with research and innovation, the company provides functional kitchen layouts, with attention to every detail. What makes Zecchinon kitchens so distinguished is the harmonious or contrasting effect of the combination of colours and materials.

The Italian experts offer complex or simple arrangements, tailored to one’s needs. Large or small spaces, Zecchinon sets no barriers to creativity; it is definitely suitable for all tastes and areas. With careful consideration of space limitations and the possible use, Zecchinon can be very versatile to achieve the desired result.

Using top quality and durable materials like steel, aluminium, wood, glass, granite and stone, in combination with different finishes, Zecchinon strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Zecchinon’s manufacturing process is driven by environmental awareness. The use of ecological panels has been standardised in its product specification in a continuous effort to minimise the impact on the environment. Kitchen Studio Zecchinon

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