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Zalf manufactures house day and night furniture, tv sets, beds, bedroom furniture, office, wardrobes: all made in Italy. Zalf company was founded in 1974 by a previous structure and its name is an acronym of the initials of the four partners: Zavarise, Andreola, Lucchetta and Fanizzi. But shortly after the company has become the property of Lucchetta. At the time of implantation of Maser was a reality of 3500 square meters on 10,000 square meters of land.

High modularity for personalized rooms arrangements. Projects dedicated to children, teens, singles, young couples and all those who love to live in style but also with creativity and confidence.

A large furniture range for “living”, night zone, for rooms and office, with a modern design to furnish your room and all house spaces in a very welcoming and distinguishing way. The wide furniture modularity allows a great personal selection.

Zalf offers excellent products with innovative design, high-performance technical, functional and aesthetic-emotional environment for the day (wall units, bookcases, sideboards and tables), for the bedroom (both bedrooms and the smaller bedrooms) and for the storage spaces (closets, walk-in closets). With a wide range of systems in a flexible and comprehensive application, together with a folder full of colors and exclusive finishes provides concrete answers to an audience with diverse aesthetic and functional needs, even in environments with small dimensions.

This unique design versatility is the result of the seamless integration of different construction systems. Everything is made with everything in harmony of proportions and volumes. The wide range of products is complemented by Zalf Practico Office system, a project of office furniture style innovative, contemporary and young, capable of expressing with languages cross the new landscape work environment.

The optimization and certification of production, made exclusively in Italy with the use of advanced materials and technologies, is synonymous with quality of product. Zalf also responds to the values of safety and ecology with the awareness of sustainable design in full compliance with European standards

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